Give to me your hand
Let's give this another go
Before you make up your mind
Before you make a decision

You're still confused
Try to calm down
Think about the good times between us
There were so many

Close your eyes and forget all the reasons
Let there be only the two of us in this world
Nobody else exists

Then dig deep inside you
Think about the happiness from those days
Are they still any left?
Do you still have any feeling for this person right here?

If you don't feel anything
Then I'm ready to walk away
If you're not happy being with me
Then I'm not the one
I believe that how you feel are more important than all else
That's okay, I understand
I understand you.

But if you still have feelings for me at all
Then let's start over once more
Because I am always happy when you are by my side
I'll do everything so that we can return to the way we were
Even if it's only the slightest
Please let me know
Please tell me that you still do feel that way

I am only asking
If you still have those feelings
Because there isn't a day that I don't feel those things for you.